Introducing Ben Morman

Introducing Ben Morman Everyday Entrepreneur

Ben Morman’s career path is not unlike others whose ambition fueled a desire to chase the American Dream. It was simple, really – go to school, graduate, get a job, and keep getting better jobs. He did what others in his place did, but the question was always there, “Is this the right path for me?” It’s probably not hard to know what the answer eventually became. Now, as Founder and President of The BMOR Group, Ben has since made it his mission to help others who want to follow in his footsteps of entrepreneurship.

Ben got a taste for sales, marketing, and mentorship at an early age as a successful assistant store manager of an international big box retailer.  After graduating from Appalachian State University with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance, he moved to the corporate side of business.  It wasn’t long before he was moving into new positions of increasing responsibility within organizations across multiple industries.   During this time, Ben came to understand the value of taking personal responsibility for his financial future.  From this newfound responsibility, The BMOR Group was born.  A self-described “reformed climber of the corporate ladder,” he prides himself as an advocate for personal responsibility and financial freedom through entrepreneurship, reinventing himself as the “Everyday Entrepreneur.”

“My career and experiences have spanned many industries and economic cycles, always being focused on learning from the wins and losses of my colleagues and myself,” he explained. “It’s from these obstacles that we learn, grow, and gain wisdom.”

Ben now owns and operates a portfolio of small businesses and brands invested in the Insurance, Pet Food, Financial Services, Hemp, and Real Estate Industries.  These businesses are in varying stages of the business cycle and are all anchored around Ben’s passion for providing the best quality product and services supported by the best possible customer service. 

“I’m interested in building businesses I believe in and am passionate about,” he said. “That passion is what is going to help me take The BMOR Group to the next level, but more importantly, it’s going to give me the experience I need to hopefully inspire others who are considering the path of entrepreneurship.”

Each month, Ben Morman Everyday Entrepreneur will share stories – of the successes and challenges – facing him on his journey. By chronicling what he did right, and not so right, it’s his hope that his offering of critical guidance will help budding businesspeople not make some of the missteps he has experienced during the past decade. As a result of taking the road less traveled, Ben considers himself a relationship-centered, driven, organized, and adaptable professional with strong leadership and decision-making skills. All that said, Ben admits he would be remiss in not acknowledging the role his wife Jessica has played in  his success thus far. According to Ben, success really does start at home.”

“Becoming an entrepreneur and owning and running a business is hard work and if you don’t have the support – whether it be from your spouse, your parents, your siblings, whatever – succeeding is going to be a challenge,” he said. “I learned to join and lead many diverse teams across multiple complex industries and geographies, learning the ins and outs of starting, scaling, and improving businesses. But the best team by far is my partnership with my amazing and awesome wife. It really does take a village.”

If you have any questions for Ben or would like to learn about a specific area of his experience, complete the form below and he will do his best to incorporate it into a future offering of Ben Morman Everyday Entrepreneur.